Furry Friday

I am not posting the Milspouse Friday Fill-In today because… I think the questions are meh. I think that’s why I stopped filling them in months ago! But I do have some other thoughts for you, and these thoughts include cute candids of adorable animals!

This Monday, I got an unexpected offer from a friend! She and her husband had gotten talked into taking a rabbit home from the pet store over the weekend, only to get home and realize they were not bunny people. They didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, and Marty and I were only too happy to take the bunny off their hands! Introducing Pumpkin, the 4 month old bunny. I’ve been told she is a Standard Rex, and she will probably grow up to twice as big as she is now.

pumpkin resting

I have much to learn still about caring for a rabbit, but she is happy and growing more comfortable with me every day, so I guess we’re doing alright for now! Many people do not realize that rabbits can live up to 10 years and sometimes longer! They can also be litter-box trained. Many rabbit-owners give their bunnies free reign throughout their house (after bunny proofing, to make sure nothing important or dangerous gets chewed up). Even if that’s not the case, rabbits need exercise and need to spend a good amount of time outside of their cages. They are not low-maintenance pets, so they are definitely not for just anyone, but it has really been a joy having Pumpkin here so far, and Marty can hardly wait to come home and meet her!

pumpkin and tumblesIf you’re wondering about how Tumbles handles sharing his home with a rabbit, have no fear! The hunting-instinct that made Tumbles such a threat to Birdy does not seem to be a problem with Pumpkin, mainly because Pumpkin is confident and willing to stand her ground against Tumbles rather than run away. In fact, Pumpkin often chases Tumbles, and they have a grand ole’ time! I’ve posted a couple videos of the two of them on YouTube.

Have you ever had a rabbit? What was your favorite or least favorite part of being a bunny-slave? What veggies did your bunnies most enjoy? Pumpkin seems uninterested in cucumber and only slightly interested in carrots, and I am slowly going to be introducing more and more options to her to find something she loves.


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I’ve been having a video-uploading spree! Here are my latest from YouTube.

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Milspouse Blog Hop

imageRiding the Roller Coaster recently started a blog ring for Military Spouses. As I begin to write this post, there are two hundred blogs included! I found out about it through two blogs that I read frequently: Jesstagirl and Her Officer & The Albrecht Squad. In hopes of meeting more great people like them, I’ve decided to jump in on the Milspouse Blog Hop!






For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Michelle, or Michy. I got married in October to my best friend of 9+ years, who also happens to be in the US Army. He has served for five years, has been deployed to Iraq twice, and is my hero for that as well as for the things he does every day to make my life so much fuller. We don’t have any children yet, and I find that makes me kind of an oddball in the military. It seems that most couples have children very soon after marrying, if not before.

I am a housewife, problogger, Avon lady, aspiring novelist, artist, and more. Most importantly, I’m a Christian, and so is Hubby. We trust God to take care of and provide for us as we face trials. I write about a variety of things on this blog, as you can see from the category list on the left, but all of them are topics that I know personally.

Hubby and I also have a newly created vlog on YouTube.com/ocipura, which we’d love for you to check out. For more information about me, visit the About section of this website. And if you want to keep in touch, please, feel free to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, or visit my Facebook page!

The Importance of Being

If you’re anything like me, your days are full of things you feel you need to do. With or without my daily to-do lists, I usually wake up in the morning thinking about what I need to do after I finish my breakfast.

Our days are often so consumed with doing, it can be easy to miss the importance of being.

What Do You Need to Do?

Today, I need to write at least two blogs, edit three videos, wash, dry, and put away two loads of laundry, wash the counters, sweep the floor, plant flowers, and get hamburger patties ready for grilling at the park. And that list doesn’t include the other things that I’d want to do if I thought I’d have the time. What do you need to do today?


An Attitude Thing

I’m not suggesting that you don’t have legitimate reasons for all the things you need to do. I certainly have reasons behind everything on my list.

But similar to Zen Habits’ suggestion to find beauty in doing what you’re doing without worrying about distractions, I would suggest that one’s attitude can determine whether you’re constantly doing, almost like never-ending busy work, or whether you’re enjoying being – living life.

“Stop to our routines that aren’t working. To the way we’ve “always” done things. To the way people expect us to do things…
…Be still in a busy, busy world. Eat slow food instead of fast food. Make time for things that truly matter and eliminate (or minimize) the rest.”
– Melissa, Peace & Projects

I think we might find more satisfaction in our lives if we stop trying to get through our to-do lists so quickly. My chores aren’t taking away time from my life. They are part of my life. Maybe one day, when my body is too worn out to go outside and garden or walk to the laundry room, I will be able to spend all day reading, playing games, and writing novels. But that won’t be a fuller life than what I already have, right now.

Today I need to…

  • Enjoy taking care of the house I’m grateful to have so that my husband and I will enjoy a clean, fresh environment – which will make it much easier to de-stress after the day’s work.
  • Savor the flavors in my foods, and try to make tasty hamburger patties that will impress my hubby.
  • Write blogs, not because I have to, but because it’s something I chose to commit to, something I enjoy, and something I get fulfillment from doing.
  • Edit videos and post vlogs to YouTube so that my family out of town can feel a little closer to us, among many other reasons.
  • Breathe deeply and thank God continually for life, friends, food, and all the little things. Oh, and for the fact that today, at least, I won’t be bored.

Scarby 2010

In my post about How to Enjoy a Renfest, I mentioned our local renfest called Scarborough Faire. My husband has been there over half a dozen times, and I’ve been once each of the last two years. It’s a lot of fun! We visited on Sunday and vlogged throughout the day. Below you will find part one as well as as links to more of our vlogs!

Part One

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Part Two – Scarby

April 27 – Tuesday Wings and Poor Service

YouTube Channel and Recent Videos

Soon I should be getting a link added to the navigation bar that will take you directly to my YouTube channel! As I mentioned before, my husband and I have started making vlogs together. For the time being, I’m simply going to post a link to each video here – until I can think of a better solution!

The Beginning

End of March