Five for Friday 10/29

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I love my husband because…

1. You got me “just because” flowers, and they’re beautiful.

2. You give up sleep for me.

3. You have such a creative imagination.

4. You’re too smart for your own good.

5. Because you love me.

Five for Friday 10/15

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1. You never complain when I put my cold feet on you to warm myself up. lol

2. Your heartbeat is so loud when my head is on your chest!

3. You think soda is a vital part of your diet…

4. Your anniversary gift was SO lovely and special 🙂

5. You have the cutest mole


Five for Friday 10/1

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I love my husband!

1. Remember that one, really long MSN chat? 😉

2. I love how you’ve let me in, past your defenses, even though it makes deployment harder.

3. I love having long emails from you to read when you’re not online.

4. I love your play-scowl, even from halfway across the world.

5. You’re so supportive, being so strong for me, and it means the world to me!


Five For Friday 9/17

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Five reasons I love my hubby this Friday!

1. You argued and almost convinced me that you might miss me more than I miss you.

2. You tried to make a ribbon for me from your old ACUs.

3. You were so cute, hugging Amanda. I cried for her when you gave her your name velcro from the bus. That was too sweet for words.

4. The booing and cheering on the bus as you got the window stuck and then un-stuck was cute.

5. Fifth and foremost, I loved that first surprise call from Maine. It made me so happy.


Five for Friday XVI

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1. I love when you hold doors open for my Gramma.

2. I love that you found Dragon Age: Origins just for me!

3. I love your brilliance, even though it means you usually win.

4. I love you making me breakfast, especially when it involves French toast, eggs, and/or bacon.

5. I love watching you with kids.


Five for Friday XV

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1. I love you for saving me from a billion crickets every day! You’re my hero!

2. I love you for taking turns cleaning the litter box.

3. I love when you help me cook by chopping the chicken/veggies/whatever.

4. I love playing Ragnarok with you.

5. I love your non-scrawny-ness.


Five for Friday XIV

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As I do most weeks, I am posting 5 reasons I love my hubby again! If you’re interested, head over to Jesstagirl and Her Officer to see links to other Milspouse blogs that have taken up this thing called Five for Friday!

1. I love you for calling my face beautiful right after I scowled at you.

2. I love you giving me permission to do nothing today, even though it won’t really work.

3. I love how efficiently you engineer things (like the trunk, the fridge, etc.)

4. I love that you’re the one with the different jokes.

5. I love that you’re here, with me, for a while longer yet!