Did You Know This About Cats?


Did you know that when a cat leaves his … you-know-what – uncovered in the litter box, that he may actually be directly insulting you? Now, you could pay him back by refusing to clean out his box, but then, of course, he may respond in kind. My suggestion? Clean the litter box well and often, and give your kitty some love.

Now, enjoy this picture of Tumbles, who has, thankfully, started consistently covering his, well, you know.



Furball Friday

Speaking of fur balls, my cat has gifted me with at least two of those in the last couple weeks. They are just great. Slimy and gross and surrounded by what I can only assume is a cat’s version of stomach acid. Doesn’t that sound nice? Thankfully, his retching has all taken place on the tile floor, not on any furniture or carpeting. And, you will be happy to know, I did not take any pictures to share with you all. Instead, you can just enjoy a cute video of Pumpkin the bunny rabbit!

Tumbles shares waterPumpkin has continued to amuse me with her antics. She has now discovered that she can jump up onto that bed in the guest room, and it is her new favorite thing to hop up there and bounce around. She just runs back and forth doing binkies sometimes, and it’s great fun to watch.

Tumbles, meanwhile, has grown more and more confident around the bunny. He is no longer running from her. He now chases her all around and chews on her playfully – though sometimes I warn him off when it seems to become too rough. He also explored the inside of Pumpkin’s cage once, and he frequently sticks his head inside for a drink of water when the cage door is open.

I wonder what they’re going to do next! I would like to see Pumpkin start to stick up to Tumbles a little bit more, maybe charge at Tumbles sometimes and make him realize he can’t just do whatever he wants. The more I have to intervene between them, the more Tumbles is going to want to play rough. The good news is, we now have an x pen for Pumpkin! I haven’t set it up yet, but once I do, it will give her a portable play space that Tumbles won’t be able to get into and she won’t be able to get out of, which will enable me to let her out of her cage sometimes without constantly being there to supervise playtime. Hooray!

Furry Friday

I am not posting the Milspouse Friday Fill-In today because… I think the questions are meh. I think that’s why I stopped filling them in months ago! But I do have some other thoughts for you, and these thoughts include cute candids of adorable animals!

This Monday, I got an unexpected offer from a friend! She and her husband had gotten talked into taking a rabbit home from the pet store over the weekend, only to get home and realize they were not bunny people. They didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, and Marty and I were only too happy to take the bunny off their hands! Introducing Pumpkin, the 4 month old bunny. I’ve been told she is a Standard Rex, and she will probably grow up to twice as big as she is now.

pumpkin resting

I have much to learn still about caring for a rabbit, but she is happy and growing more comfortable with me every day, so I guess we’re doing alright for now! Many people do not realize that rabbits can live up to 10 years and sometimes longer! They can also be litter-box trained. Many rabbit-owners give their bunnies free reign throughout their house (after bunny proofing, to make sure nothing important or dangerous gets chewed up). Even if that’s not the case, rabbits need exercise and need to spend a good amount of time outside of their cages. They are not low-maintenance pets, so they are definitely not for just anyone, but it has really been a joy having Pumpkin here so far, and Marty can hardly wait to come home and meet her!

pumpkin and tumblesIf you’re wondering about how Tumbles handles sharing his home with a rabbit, have no fear! The hunting-instinct that made Tumbles such a threat to Birdy does not seem to be a problem with Pumpkin, mainly because Pumpkin is confident and willing to stand her ground against Tumbles rather than run away. In fact, Pumpkin often chases Tumbles, and they have a grand ole’ time! I’ve posted a couple videos of the two of them on YouTube.

Have you ever had a rabbit? What was your favorite or least favorite part of being a bunny-slave? What veggies did your bunnies most enjoy? Pumpkin seems uninterested in cucumber and only slightly interested in carrots, and I am slowly going to be introducing more and more options to her to find something she loves.