What’s an Ocipura?ocipura

Pronounced: AH-see-PUR-ah

It’s a word I made up as a preteen by combining the names of my two favorite kinds of cats: the Ocelot (my favorite wild cat) and the Singapura (my favorite domestic cat). As you may guess, I was and am a huge cat-lover. Since then, the word has become my username and handle online, and, now, “Ocipura” represents my blog and website. To be honest, though, the word doesn’t technically mean anything!

Who is Michy?

MichyPronounced: MISH-ee

That’s me! My name is Michelle Martinez, but I frequently go by Michy. I am a Christian, an Aspergirl, a (now civilian) wife, a homemaker, a Zirtual Assistant, a blogger, a writer, an artist, a full-time RV’er, and more!

My husband Marty and I are a couple interesting characters with quite different psychological makeups. We’ve been married almost 4 years. No kids yet, but we do have three fur babies. Marty recently got medically retired from the Army, and we just moved out to Florida in our ’98 Fleetwood Southwind Storm motorhome (32′)!

squirllWhere do some of your passions and interests lie?

  • Christianity
  • Asperger’s (and neurology)
  • Organization
  • Budgeting
  • Cats (duh!)
  • Animals in general
  • Art (oils, pencils.)
  • Reading, Writing, Language
  • RV Living (full-time or not)
  • Gaming (especially RPGs and MMOs)

What are some of your struggles?

I struggle with my brain differences, mainly Asperger’s, anxiety, and depression – and how to understand myself (and others), love myself, and live a fulfilling live.

I worry about real numbers and how to live on a budget.

I stress about how to walk the Christian walk and live out my faith.

I wonder about how best to organize my life, especially now that I’m living out of a very small space, and how to live a more minimalist lifestyle.

I want to express myself artistically and escape the all-too-common feeling that I’m not going to be good enough to be as creative as I long to be.

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