Guest Post from Allie!



Allison Brooks blogs over at Musings of a Curious Mind, and she has written a guest post that I get to share with you today! Thank you for sharing this with us, Allison!

I thought this was really a neat way to look at things. I like wine – it’s one of my favorite alcoholic beverages to drink alone or with a girlfriend – but keep in mind that you can, of course, take all these things into consideration even if you don’t drink. A relaxing cup of tea and some fun projects can get the job done maybe just as well. However, I have to say that a glass of wine does do an extra special job when it comes to relaxing.

Take note of the cute craft ideas – I’ve even seen someone with these “torches” lining their backyard fence! (Note: the link for directions to create the bath mat turned out to be a dead link, so I suggest if you need some suggestions, ask Allison by contacting her on her blog or do a search online!)

‘Wine’ Down and Relieve Stress

Having a loved one overseas can be difficult, but there are some great ways to ‘wine’ down and relax. Though a long distance call to your loved one can quickly ease the mind, sometimes that doesn’t take away all the other stresses of everyday life. One of my favorite stress relievers is having a gathering with close loved ones, family members, friends, or other military wives and drinking some great wine together.

‘Wine-ing’ down with a bottle or two of red, white, or blush wine can help you to talk about your stresses, relieve tension, get a little loose, and fill some time with laughter and sharing. And, when the party is over, don’t be worried about being stuck in the same ole’ rut; you can extend the fun and make nifty projects out of the bottles and corks. Try making these projects with your friends during another wine drinking gathering or by yourself.

Creative Designs Make Relieving Stress Fun and Unique

wine torchOne thing to make out of your leftover wine bottles is a wine torch. For just under five dollars you can get all the materials you need to craft a cool tiki torch out of an empty wine bottle. The torch can be attached to your back patio so it can serve as a creative outdoor lighting solution for your next wine drinking gathering with your friends.

All that is needed for this project is the bottle, torch fuel, a wick, screws, and clamps. You can find a list of necessary materials and instructions over at Gerardot & Co.

Another fun item to make is a cork board out of wine corks. This project takes quite a few wine corks to make it so you will need to get a lot of wine drinking gatherings in with your friends before you make it. Another good idea is to go to a local bar and ask them for their corks or ask them to save them for you.

By the time you have collected a minimum of 75 corks you can get to work crafting your own wine cork board. This cork board is a great way to organize pictures of your friends and loved ones atop the corks that topped off your favorite wines that you enjoyed with your friends.

I suggest laying the corks on their side to make the cork board, and you may want to cut them in half if you only have a few to double the amount.To me, hot glue works the best to hold them in place, and I use a frame to enclose the corks. Some more information can be found here.

This final project requires a lot more corks than the board, so to obtain the amount you need, I would ask a local bar to save their corks and give them to you. A wine cork bathmat can be created by laying wine corks side by side in a large shadow box frame. This piece will add a great amount of character to any house or bathroom, and will be a confidence piece.

So ‘wine’ down and make some unique items for the house, and better yet reduce the amount of stress in your life!