Finally Out of Excuses

I’ve been putting off writing. Life has been home

Marty came home.
We went on vacation.
We came back, we celebrated Thanksgiving.
Marty had to go to WLC, and then we celebrated the holidays, which involved going on a short vacation again.
We started to panic because our PCS was coming up. (Okay, maybe I was the only one panicking.)
We started trying to find housing/lodging and plan our move.
We had to pack up our entire house since we chose to do a DITY move.
We had to move, which was the most stressful part of the whole thing!

And now, I have no excuses. Well, other than unpacking, but I can only unpack so much every day, so, like I said, no more excuses not to get back to writing.

Missouri is where we are now, and no, we’re not miserable. We actually got through the move rather unscathed, and we found a really nice rental house out in the middle of nowhere. Marty, Leela the dog, Tumbles the cat, Pumpkin the bunny, and I are all settling into our big country house on 3 acres in the middle of the forest. We love it here and can’t wait till springtime when we can start planting and growing our own vegetables. We might even expand our little zoo by getting a few chickens! What better way to eat organically than to eat home-grown food, eh?

I’m not sure where this blog is going these days. I’m not even sure where this post is going, to be honest. I just know that I want to write again. More. I want to blog-write and write-write. In fact, I’m going to set up my typewriter in the sitting room attached to our master suite (yes, that’s right – be jealous), and I’m hoping that will help me feel inspired to do more writing. And blogging is going back into my weekly schedule, so expect to hear from me more. Even though I’m not sure what you’ll be hearing.

So… that’s all! Happy Valentine’s Day!