Milspouse Friday Fill-In #6

I missed the first five Fridays, but as they say: Better late than never! Several blogs I read are participating in this weekly meme that was created by Wife of a Sailor. She has a linky to all the blogs that are participating, so if you’re interested, head on over there!

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

1. What is your spouse’s best feature?

Physically, gosh, I don’t know. I have to pick one? It’s really a three-way-tie, but if I have to pick one feature I’d pick his arms. Especially in the last year or two, they’ve gotten even bigger! I should really post a picture of his PT shirt. He ripped the sleeves apart one morning doing pushups. I love being held by his big, strong arms!

2. Mild, Medium, or Hot sauce?

Hot! As Sharone says, “It’s not spicy enough unless your nose is running.” Last Saturday, Hubby had to inform me that something I was eating had jalapenos in it. I couldn’t even tell.

3. What is the worst uniform you had to wear for a job?

I actually only worked one job that had a uniform. It wasn’t too bad, but it did have its downsides. You had to wear all white – white slacks or skirt and white non-t-shirt. The only problem I really had with it was making sure nothing was see-through. Now I have these white slacks that I never really wear because I never really understood when it’s okay and not okay to wear white.

4. You have invisible powers… where is the first place you would go?

I think the first place I would go would be to Hubby’s work to see what really goes on there. Not out of suspicion, just out of curiosity. “We sat around.” What does that really mean? I just will never understand what they really do at work until I can see it for myself. 😛

5. What’s left of your “to do” list for this summer?

Block leave! We’ve got a short-but-awesome trip planned for next weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it. Did you know that Sea World has a program that allows active duty military (and I think veterans, as well) to visit for free and take up to three dependants with them for free? One of our friends from our FRG informed me of this fact, so we had to arrange to go to Sea World on block leave! Check it out here if you don’t believe me! Other than that, summer is almost over, and then we’re moving into fall and deployment, which I don’t really want to think about!

Five for Friday XIV

Previous Fridays

As I do most weeks, I am posting 5 reasons I love my hubby again! If you’re interested, head over to Jesstagirl and Her Officer to see links to other Milspouse blogs that have taken up this thing called Five for Friday!

1. I love you for calling my face beautiful right after I scowled at you.

2. I love you giving me permission to do nothing today, even though it won’t really work.

3. I love how efficiently you engineer things (like the trunk, the fridge, etc.)

4. I love that you’re the one with the different jokes.

5. I love that you’re here, with me, for a while longer yet!


Avon Testimonial

I started selling Avon in January of this year. I signed on as a representative right before the winter holidays, and I also signed on as an E-rep, allowing me to operate an online store and sell to people who would otherwise be too far away to deliver to. My experience thus far has been…interesting.

Starting Off

It wasn’t what I expected. The way my upline manager met with me, in my home and face-to-face, but still with an impersonal feeling, left me kinda feeling like… huh? What just happened? I had expected simply to meet with her and discuss what would be involved in the process, since she had pushed me to have that meeting, but I ended up going ahead and signing up that day. After my initial appointment with my upline Doris, I spoke to her only one other time, when she called a week later to check in on me.

There are good and bad upline managers. Some help you get going, maybe help you throw your first Avon party and get you started with some supplies. Some, on the other hand, do the bare minimum, sign you up with your initial “kit,” and expect you do go at it. Mine was one from the latter group, and so I was really on my own from the beginning.

Learning the Ropes

To supplement my lack of instruction from my upline, I turned to online resources. Avon supplies a very nice training section of their website which any representative can access. The Beauty of Knowledge courses go over how to make sales, how to enter your orders, understanding how much you’ll make off of your sales, et cetera. It was very useful. I also made use of the official forums to ask more experienced representatives for advice.

I knew I would run into one problem with selling Avon: I’m not an outgoing, pushy, make-the-sale type of person. I’d learned to be firm when talking to insurance companies at my former job, but talking to potential customers is a whole different kind of firmness. Still, I was ready to try, and so I started going out with my few brochures and doing what I could.

The first couple campaigns went well enough that I decided to start ordering more brochures. After all, I was mostly breaking even, so it was worth the risk to try and actually make some profit. Instead of 10 brochures per campaign, I pushed it to 20 and then to 30. Things got fairly busy at that point – on my end but not with incoming orders. I still received maybe two or three orders each campaign, but I was keeping myself busy with running around trying to take brochures to various places (and trying to share one car with Hubby).

Doing the Work

After a few more campaigns of this workload, I began to feel worn out. I seemed to only have time for Avon and blogging, and I wasn’t happy with it. I was stressed, feeling pressured to do more, and yet I was disappointed that I was not seeing any positive results from how hard I was already working. Around this time, also, my husband was having to spend weeks at a time doing field training, and I was getting lonely and somewhat depressed. I started to think that Avon just wasn’t for me.

Rather than giving up, I decided to cut back on what I was doing. I lowered my brochure orders to 20, then 10, and my orders stayed around 1-2 per campaign. The truth is, for the last month or two, I haven’t been trying very hard at all. There are so many things important to me, so many things to spend time on, and this just hasn’t been one of them.

I’ve enjoyed selling Avon, though. I really have. I got to meet new people and try something new, something I never pictured myself doing. I got to try Avon products for the first time for less than I would have paid if I hadn’t been a representative. And I like them a lot! I got to experience the fun of running my own business and organizing my time and my supplies the way I wanted them. And I really liked being able to provide people with products they love. That was the best part.

But I’m feeling now like I’d rather use my time and energy on writing, drawing, housekeeping, reading, and studying. And I’m starting to feel like my organizational skills would be of more use in running my website and my home. I guess I just feel like I’ve given it a good run, but it’s just not my thing. And, besides, I’m losing money at it.

Moving Forward

So here’s my plan. Unfortunately, it starts with dropping the online store and my status as an E-representative. The cost of maintaining that is not worth the one-per-month order that it gets. I apologize for the inconvenience to those of you who have been using my online store from time to time.

The second part of my plan is to stop ordering brochures. I have to pay for them, and I have to spend the time handing them out when I get them, and it’s just not something that I can keep up with financially or otherwise.

The third part of my plan, however, is to maintain my status as an Avon Independent Sales Representative, at least for now. Customers will still be able to email or call me with their orders, and I will still be able to submit orders and get products to deliver to them. They just won’t get their own personal copy of the current brochure with their order.

Evil Looming Deployment

Deployment is looming! It is a giant shadow standing somewhere nearby with arms upraised and claws extended, creeping closer, silently, on its tiptoes.

It’s not so distant anymore. No Siree!

When Hubby got back from JRTC, it was just the beginning. Now the topic of deployment comes up not just every day but multiple times a day! It’s inescapable! The truth is, it’s almost here.

First Married Deployment

Hubby has deployed twice already. (Have I mentioned how much that bugs me? It’s ridiculous that there are people who have been in the Army for over a decade already that haven’t deployed more than once, and yet my husband has been in for four years and is already on his third deployment.) Twice deployed, but never as a married man. I’m still new to the Army! Having a friend deploy is one thing; having a husband deploy is going to be a different matter altogether!

I didn’t need the other Army wives telling me it would be different for me to know that it would be different. I knew before we married that deployment would be coming and that it would be different than it was before, for both of us. But I think that only now, as we’ve been married for nine months and the deployment is looming, am I really beginning to understand just how different it will be.

Outside of marriage, it’s hard to understand just how close you really get once you’re husband and wife. Maybe simply living together would bring you as close, but I don’t think so. The bond in marriage is more than just living together, and it’s more than having physical intimacy while living together. Being pulled apart from each other for a year is going to be painful. Putting one of us in a constantly life-threatening setting will make it all the harder.

One of Many

This is but one of many deployments, and we are but one of many couples facing it. The life inside the Army is so different from life outside that many of my friends can’t really comprehend it, but there are so many others that can. How many hundreds of wives are missing their husbands at this very moment? How many hundreds are anticipating that loss? How many thousands are cherishing the time they have with the knowledge that it can only last so long? I must take what comfort I can from the fact that I’m not alone in this.

Facing It

The most important thing to remember is that God is with us, even now. I must continue to leave my worries at God’s feet and let him help me through. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is powerful. Must remember that…

Deployment is before us, and we can’t stop it from coming ever closer, but it’s best for us to face it head on. So, I can see it there, looming right ahead of me. Rather than seeing a big, giant, scary cloud of blackness, maybe I can remind myself that it has a form. It’s about yea high… only about 12 feet tall instead of 12 stories. It’s not really black so much as tan, like the sand in the desert. And it’s really just strolling past, not coming directly at us as though to eat us.

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Five for Friday XIII

Previous Fridays

As I try to do every Friday, today I am posting 5 more reasons I love my hubby!

1. I love you because you are only mean to me in my dreams, not in real life. 😛

2. I love how you enjoy swimming with me even though you dislike water.

3. I love you for my new netbook Eeeny-Weeeny.

4. I love when you cook for me.

5. I love how creative your D&D campaigns are.